• My Animal Island home and login page
  • Concept sketch of a seal aging from a pup to an adult
  • World View. The user has a bird's eye view of a navigable ocean, populated by islands set up by other users.
  • Island View. This is where the user can customize their island and manage it's inhabitants.
  • Sketchboard of the trees initially available on each island. There are 3 "leaf" states per tree in each family.
  • Top left: shark threat animation still. Bottom Left: Resort development threat animation still.
    Right: Bonus items ("Dr Suess" trees, Cactus, and Easter Island statues.
  • My Animal Island logo

IFAW's My Animal Island

In 2007, The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) asked 415 and I to create a fun, educational site geared for a younger audience. We came up with My Animal Island, a multiplayer flash game built into a social networking site.

I was responsible for the design, illustrations, and animations. There were three distinct areas to the site: The World view, The Animal view, and The Island view.

In The World view, the user has a bird's eye view over an ocean populated with islands, each representing other users.

In The Animal view, the user could view their stats, learn facts about their animal, and customize it's appearance from head to flipper.

In The Island view, the user could customize their island and manage it's inhabitants. The island was made up of ten spires, which could be raised and lowered. The terrain for each spire could be changed to ice, sand, or rock. Trees, grass, and water could be added. Bonus items (such as Dr Suess trees, Easter Island statues, Volcanic terrain, Roman Ruins, etc), were awarded based on participation and site use.

  • Role

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Online

  • 2007 - 2008