• Launch screens for Pickup Tunes, displayed on iPad and iPhone.
  • Game screen from the app.
    First, the "speaker" will play a tone. The player then has to match the tone by playing the correct key. Pressing the red buttons on the bottom (which behave similar to a keyboard) will play the tone options.
  • Various screens from app, with single tones, multiple tones, and different key setups.

Pickup Tunes

Pickup Tunes is an ear training app for the iPad and iPhone, designed for musicians (or future musicians). Developed with musician Dean Brown, it's purpose is to help make music practice and ear training simple and fun. This is the first release in a planned series of ear training apps and exercises.

Given that the ears are an even bigger part of this experience than the eyes, I designed the app to be as visually simple as possible and still look fun. The look and feel was designed with classic arcade games in mind, so the big red buttons and the main "speaker" icon have some hints of Atari consoles and joysticks.

I’ve never had so much fun doing ear training, this app is a blast and I’m already addicted! I think that any musician will benefit from this real world approach to better ears. Two thumbs up!

Beth Marlis
VP, Musicians Institute
Executive Director,
The Musicians Foundation

This is the one thing that was missing from the app/music world: a good ear trainer. Well here it is!

Marcus Miller
Grammy Award Winning Producer, Composer, Bassist