• The first screen of the non-profit on-boarding process
  • Non-profit onboarding screens: "What is your cause" | Illustration explaining Sparked challenges
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  • Sparked logo with type | Sparked logo mark
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Sparked is the world's first micro-volunteering network, linking volunteers and non-profits for easy, social, online volunteering. Non-profits post requests in the form of challenges, which are answered by the online volunteer.

I designed the identity, the web site, and the various interstitials, icons, and illustrations therein.

Sparked is the primary product offering of The Extraordinaries, a company specializing in building micro-volunteering tools. I'm the designer for both Sparked and the Extraordinaries, and continue to work with the Sparked team revising and improving the site.

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  • 2010

They make volunteering as fun, social and easy to use as Facebook, Farmville, or Twitter. It's volunteerism for the digital age…


The Extraordinaries have developed a platform that helps solve a pressing need for both would be volunteers and not-for-profit organizations. Volunteers can provide their expertise in manageable moments, and organizations can access the previously inaccessible talents of their own members. It's a stellar example of using technology for social good.

Jay Aldous
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
U.S. Fund for UNICEF