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Viva Death

Viva Death is a band out of Southern California, made up of Scott Shiflett and Trever Keith (Face to Face), Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle) and Chad Blinman (Real Space Noise). I designed this site for their self-titled first record, released in 2002.

The band describes themselves as an "unlikely, impractical, non-commercial musical experiment", so I figured I'd design a site along those lines. Using a site layout fairly common for the time (this was 2002) as a foundation, I started designing what would, at first glance, look like some boilerplate financial start up.

It doesn't take long to see that the site isn't strictly for finance advisors. Most of the page copy is composed of buzz words and nonsensical corporate speak. The business folk placed throughout the site start rotting, eventually looking pretty bad. The cloudy day-in-the-city photo starts to look more ominous than stylized.

…And you can listen to the band's music, get info, watch videos, read lyrics, and get some recent news.

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